We are pixelbridge media.

Tell your story with an Amazing Website

The purpose of a marketing website is to help tell a story about your product or service that evokes a sense of curiosity and wonder in the mind of your customer. The site needs to reinforce your brand promise and educate your visitors on how you ease their pain. It needs to accomplish all of this while remaining simple and friendly.

Pixelbridge Media, llc is a leading multi disiplinary agency established in 2006. With a global client base, we pride ourselves on offering excellent results in a wide range of areas including: professional website design, lead generation, company branding, ecommerce websites, graphic design, logo design, video animation, wordpress CMS, online marketing, printed marketing material such as leaflets, posters and flyers and 2d / 3d design.

Pixelbridge Media recently built a website for my company and I must say the experience was great. I have worked with many web marketing companies in the past but no company made the process so seamless and easy to accomplish. I would recommend pixelbridge media to anybody that needs a website.- by Ken Hansen